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Chair Yoga with Shalini Breault

1:00pm -2:00pm
$65 series or $15 drop in

Join Shalini for this special class designed to honor your body with good self-care, love, and acceptance of just where you are. 

This Body Wisdom Yoga class is for Everyone!
~  Whether you have physical limitations or perfect health.
~ All encompassing: breath work, asanas for opening space, strength, balance and rest
~ Designed for your self-care: you will have a chance to listen to the wisdom of your body, mind, heart, and breath.

Some of the Benefits:
~Increase Circulation, Strengthens Muscles
~Increases Flexibility,  Lubricates Joints
~Improves Balance, Eliminates Toxins
~Improves Concentration- Calms Mind
~Promotes the Relaxation Response 

Come to one of the classes or all for maximum benefit.  
Deep Relaxation Class with Crystal Bowls with Rhonda and Shalini
Second Friday each month
$20 in advance, $25 at the door (YFL class card not included)..

In this fast-paced world, we can get so caught up in the things we have to do, that it’s easy to forget how important it is to take time to care for ourselves. In this special class we will use the ancient Healing Arts of Yoga, Sound Healing, and Deep Relaxation to relieve ourselves of stress, anxiety and worries that can bog us down.

Be gently guided to release the tension in the body and all the stresses we hold so you can experience a much more peaceful presence and a very happy mind. A great way to start your weekend.

We will be sharing the healing properties of sound vibration while creating a very soothing and relaxing sound with crystal bowls. Crystal Bowls are unique sound healing instruments made out of pure quartz crystal. Their melodic vibration resonate with the crystals in our bodies, mainly in our bones, having a great effect on the spine, diffusing along the nerve pathways to the organs. The effects touch systems, tissues, and cells, in turn affecting blood circulation, metabolism, endocrine and chakra balance, cleansing the auric field, and also balancing the hemispheres of the brain. But most importantly, creating a feeling of deep peace and well-being, aligning you with your higher Self during a very gentle yoga class that will release the tight spots in the body, preparing you for a long, deep relaxation which will restore your energy and calm the busiest of minds.

No yoga experience necessary.

Please call (856) 404-7287 to reserve your space for this event or Buy Now online through PayPal for a discounted rate. www.yogaforliving.net

Please make sure to arrive 5–10 minutes prior to the start to settle in ready for the class to commence promptly at 7pm when the doors close.

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