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“Hello Sun Moon and Stars” is a true story inspired by Shalini’s family. It illustrates how you can tap into the cosmic light of the sun, moon and stars to help you be what you wish to be in the world. 

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Shalini Saxena Breault is available for book signings; story time; book festivals; literacy programs; book fairs; and more!  

Please contact me to co-create something magical for the children!  

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Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning "garland of beads." 

Mala beads have been in use since around the 8th century BC.  They are the predecessor to the Catholic Rosary and many other types of prayer beads.

A mala is traditionally comprised of 108 wood beads, but Shalini adds gemstones and charms to add layers of purposeful energy to connect deeper with an intention through meditation and prayer.

The practice of making malas with 108 beads dates back to ancient Vedic culture, where practitioners believed that 108 was the number of existence. There are 108 Vedic Upanishads (sacred texts), 108 marma points (sacred sites on the body), and 108 energy lines converging at the heart chakra.

While a mala is used for meditation and prayer, they can be placed on an altar, on your desk at work, in the car, or on a dresser or nightstand. Put them anywhere you might need a reminder to recite a mantra, chant, or become the Watcher of your thoughts and emotions. 

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Durga Bija Mantra

Getting CLEAR with Goddess Durga - The Warrior Goddess

This meditation is for calling on Durga  for strength, courage; releasing fear, self doubt, all that doesn't serve you.


Lakshmi Bija Mantra

Inviting in ABUNDANCE with Goddess Lakshmi - The Goddess of Fertility, Beauty, Love and Prosperity

This meditation is for calling on Lakshmi for abundance in all forms to assist us in moving forward.


Saraswati Bija Mantra

Taking the Next STEP with Goddess Saraswati - The Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Education, Creativity - Devotion to Stillness

This meditation is for listening to Saraswati as she provides guidance for the next step on your path.