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Shalini Breault, a Native New Yorker and former Corporate American, moved to South Jersey in 2006 where her spiritual journey started.  She has been following Spirit's guidance along the way to explore and discover her purpose - her life's mission.

Shalini has been blessed to find the teachers, mentors and guides who have helped her find her truth. 

Shalini serves as a

~ Reiki Master and Teacher

~ Crystal Singing Bowls Player

~ Gong Player

~ Vedic Chanting Teacher

~ Raindrop Therapy Practitioner

~ Yin Yoga Teacher

~ Co-Author in the books 365 Days of Angel Prayers & 111 Morning Meditations and Women Who Influence (coming soon)

~ Retreat Leader

~ Creator for divinely inspired workshops and classes     
~ Creator for divinely inspired bling apparel and many more products...

Shalini created Swan Goddess LLC to help you explore, commit and empower yourself in your healing and growth to be your true and pure divine self and love.  Tapping into our creativity is a very important mission for Shalini as creativity expanded and stretched her out of the box and has found the magic in life.  Creativity has been key to realize her purpose and path.