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Love Letter to the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom!

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

This letter was written in response to a channeling workshop I attended on 1/27/16 where the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom came through with a message that all is not well in their world. 
Dear Dolphin and Whale Kingdom,
I am so sorry to hear about your pain.
I have been weaved in your kingdom since my new life started in South Jersey in 2006!
As I was transitioning in a new chapter of life, I took my daughter, Chandini, to Cancun in 2004. She was 6 years of age. While in Cancun, I took her for a meet and greet with you, Dolphin. You made her day! You fascinated her! You kissed her! You shared a very special moment with the both of us. Thank you!
My daughter and I are connected to you, our dolphin friends, as my car has dolphin mats and air freshener. My daughter, then 8 years of age, insisted that my new car have dolphin mats and air freshener.
When Kurt and I got married in Cape May in 2008, we had an excursion planned for our guests to get up close and personal with your kingdom. Thank you for playing with our kids.
My first EVER angel card deck experience was with the Magical Mermaid and Dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue. That was in 2009.
When my family visits an aquarium, we always have to say hello to your kingdom. We never go without seeing you. Kurt and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium for our anniversary in 2014. We had fun watching you play and swim. I felt the love so much that I bought a dolphin necklace to go with the dolphin bling I designed in your honor.
My birthday in 2014 was super special and again in your honor. Both of my soul sisters, Carolyn and Gena, were a HUGE part in that celebration for and with you. Gena gifted me with a dolphin bamboo plant for my birthday. I went to Ocean City with Carolyn during my birthday week. We discovered a wonderful shop – thanks to Gena – and I bought two mermaid and dolphin figurines for my altar in my sacred space which I call ‘home.’
Gena also gifted me with a dolphin keychain last spring from her trip on the cruise. You are everywhere! You are part of my aura and energy field!
I also went on a retreat in Ocean Grove, NJ, in June 2015. The group experienced a crystal bowl meditation on the beach by the ocean. You, my wonderful dolphin friends, came up and got our attention. You love the crystal bowls I see! We were all so excited and happy for your presence. We were so grateful. You sealed in the energy of play and laughter. You also unleashed creativity within us so we can be in our full expression.
I love you and your kingdom so very much.
I am pained knowing you are in pain.
What can we do to help? Please tell us. Please give us guidance and direction as how to assist you.
We need you! You make our hearts lighter and our life more playful and joyful.
Your human friend and sister,
I waited for the guidance and here is what I received - please refer to my Adopt-A-Dolphin and Whale Page!  You can find the dolphin tanks in my SHOP page! 
Hope you will join forces with me in this project!